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Holy of Holies Bible Study Guide Parts 1 & 2 for Sale
Tabernacle Bible Study

A Walk into the Holy of Holies

A two part study of the Tabernacle. Each study guide is filled with over 90 pages of scripture reference, questions and artwork describing the Tabernacle. Every element of this amazing structure speaks to the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

Feasts Of Yahweh Bible Study Guidefor Sale
Festivals Of God Bible Study

Feasts of Yahweh

This is a 100 page study of the calendar of God as He ordained it in Leviticus 23. The Spring festivals were fulfilled in Christ. We must keep alert for the Fall festivals that finalize the work of Christ as He comes to retrieve his bride, the Church.

Israel Travel Guide - Shop our Store
Handy Travel Guide

Israel Travel Guide

Over 80 pages packed full of photographs, Scripture references, places for notes, maps and history of Israel. Read before you travel and carry with you while in Israel. The handy 6x9" size is to pack. Only from Revealing Journey Ministries.

God's Name in Jerusalem Watercolor
Art by Jan Johnston

God's Name In Jerusalem Watercolor

The Hebrew letter signifying God’s name is Shin. The saying goes like this: three valleys come together in Jerusalem to form the letter Shin. Hence, “Jerusalem is the place I’ve chosen to place My Name” – God. The original art is a watercolor and is reproduced as a high quality Giclee print. The image area is 7 x 11″. Frame not included.


Christian Ketubah - Ancient Wedding Contract
Art by Jan Johnston

Bride of Christ Ketubah

A Ketubah is an ancient Jewish wedding contract. Ketubahs had highly decorated and ornate borders with the text detailing the promises of the groom to provide and protect his bride. This ketubah reflects images and text from the Scriptures that detail the promises Jesus Christ graciously gives to provide and protect His bride, the church. Frame not included. This print is only available at 16×20″.


Anointing of Jesus Feet - painting by Jan Johnston
Art by Jan Johnston

Anointing of the Feet of Jesus

This is the Biblical account of a woman anointing the feet of Jesus with perfume and wiping his feet with her hair. "Though her sins were many, they were forgiven because of her love for the LORD". This account is a beautiful example of the forgiveness offered to anyone who is willing to love the LORD. Luke 7:36-50. Frame not included.

Giclee Print is available in three sizes: 11x14, 16x20, and 18x24.

$36.95 - $93.75

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Revealing Journey Ministry is a group of believers desiring to know the LORD in an ever-increasing measure.

We believe there is one God who eternally exists in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


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