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A Walk into the Holy of Holies

“And let them construct a sanctuary for Me, that I may dwell among them. There I will meet with you…I will speak to you…” Exodus 25:8,22

The Outer Court

Beginning from outside the Tabernacle, an area of aimless wandering, we are guided into the inner sanctuary of God. As we pass each item of God’s glorious design, we learn more about God, how to worship Him and how to meet Him.

REVISIT: The Old Testament

Step back in time and watch God’s divine plan unfold as He instructs the children of Israel through the Tabernacle construction. Learn the purpose of each piece of furniture, the meaning of each color and stone used and how all of it reveals the life of Jesus Christ.

REVEAL: His Perfect Plan

Experience the revealing of God’s plan. How the Tabernacle is the meeting place for God and the people He loves. When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, we become a Tabernacle, a dwelling place for our God. Understand in a new way how God desires this relationship that is the indwelling of Himself in our hearts and minds.

RENEW: Your Faith and Walk

This is your opportunity to follow God’s awesome plan and allow the Holy Spirit to transform you life. “A Walk into the Holy of Holies” has touched hundreds of lives. It is God’s anointing of this journey that opens the hearts of all to the joy, beauty and reverence of our Holy God.

Come with us on this journey as countless men, women and youth have. Quench your thirst for a renewal of faith, a quality prayer life and a new purpose in worship of our God. “A Walk into the Holy of Holies” is a journey into God’s beautiful plan for His people. Step by Step you will see God’s plan unfold and discover how perfect and unchanging it is. Then you will walk into the holiest place fully prepared to meet our Lord and dwell in His presence. It is an exciting experience that has changed lives and opened eyes and hearts.

God desires all to hear this message and come to Him in His holy place.

Holy of Holies Bible Study - Part 1
Holy of Holies Bible Study - Part 1 & 2
A Walk into the Holy of Holies - Bible Studies for sale

A Walk into the Holy of Holies Bible Study

The Feasts of Yahweh

“These are the appointed times of the Lord, holy convocations, which you shall proclaim at the times appointed for them.” Leviticus 23:4

The Festivals of God were given to Israel by God as “qudesh miqra” or holy rehearsals. These festivals are celebrated today and are a reminder for His people of God’s provision, His holiness, and His promise.

Holy Appointments

God’s plan was set in motion through Holy Appointments. These holy rehearsals clearly reveal Yahweh’s redemptive plan leading to fulfillment in Yeshua, Jesus our Messiah. Jesus referred to “His hour”, a time appointed by GOD for His death, burial, resurrection and return. God’s amazing plan has been woven throughout scripture in the tabernacle, priesthood and festivals. This masterful design cries out from the heart of God, “Watch My Plan”.

First Trump: Anointment

Jesus said, “An behold, I send the promise of My Father upon you; but you are to stay in the city until you are clothed with power on high.” Luke 24:49. The disciples were anointed and empowered by the Holy Spirit during the fourth holy appointment, the Festival of Pentecost. The first trump of God shattered the quiet room of the waiting disciples. The once weak and cowardly disciples went boldly forth baptizing many in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Last Trump: Accountability

The church of Christ had been born, but the trump of God will blast again. While the church awaits the next appointed time, the warning of God goes forth, “wake up, oh church and return to the living God!” For the next holy appointment, Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, will break the heart of lukewarm believers.

The same invitation given during the time of Moses at the first Pentecost, which thundered forth, “come up to Me”, will be heard again. Our Lord is preparing to blow the Last Trump, the final call for His anointed ones, His church, to come forth. But just as in the days of the Old Covenant, between Pentecost and the Feast of Trumpets, God’s elect must proclaim, “Wake up and return to the Living God, and follow in the steps of Jesus our Savior.”

Great Trump: Acclamation

The next appointed time was the Day of Atonement. When the blast of the Great Trump has been blown at this rehearsal, the Jews believe the gates in heaven are closed. Those names recorded in the book of life are ensured a good year to come. The ingathering will soon be complete, the storehouse is full of grain and fruit and the nations are gathered together to celebrate the final festival. Sukkot, the Festival of Ingathering (the Festival of Tabernacles) will be filled with great joy, celebrating the one who has allowed the great harvest to be safely brought in. Today, we as the church wait for the Holy One seated upon Heaven’s white horse, with His robe dipped in blood and written upon His thigh, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He will be accompanied by the heavenly realm with shouts of acclamation coming to gather His elect for the Great and final feast.

The New Jerusalem, the bride of Christ has made herself ready and there He will cover us with His Tabernacle. We shall walk the streets of gold, the trees will have healing in their leaves and we shall live in the light of the risen Lamb. Blessed be His Holy Name.

We, who have trusted in the saving blood of the Lamb and have allowed this mercy and grace to touch our lives, will see within the festivals not only the unveiling plan of Messiah’s death, burial and resurrection but how imperative these appointments remain for us today.

Festivals Bible Study Guide
Festivals Bible Study Guide
Feasts of Yahweh - Bible Studies for sale

Feasts Of Yahweh Bible Study


The Voice of the Bridegroom, Sounding the Holy Invitation

This study delves into the ancient Jewish wedding ceremony. When we look into the ancient Biblical writings, it becomes evident that men of old were inspired to use the Scriptures to form this amazing wedding covenant. From Genesis to Revelation we will dig into the Scriptures that form this ancient ceremony. Like Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rachel, Ruth, Hosea and others, we will discover the “oneness” GOD desires to have with His bride.

As time draws near for the “Bridegroom” to take His bride to His Father’s house, many who love the LORD are seeking to understand this relationship in a greater way. Digging into the Hebrew helps to unfold our understanding of the wedding. Like jewels in a treasure chest each pearl sheds light into this incredible covenant. Concealed within the wedding ceremony lay the mystery of our soon coming wedding day.

The Voice of the Bridegroom artwork
The Voice of the Bridegroom artwork

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