Traveling Abroad Update

Dear Fellow Travelers,

We will try to keep you updated on the most current information for travel to Israel as we receive the information. Please refer to this page for the latest information on restrictions, conditions, cancellation policies and payment schedules before our tour in November 4 - 16, 2021.


March 23, 2021


The government of Israel is now allowing ELAL ISRAEL AIRLINES to add more flights to enter and leave Israel. United Airlines has received approval to operate a limited number of flights, and customers who wish to travel to or depart from Israel on UA should contact United to confirm their flight status.

For ELAL Flights:

All travelers must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken less than 72 hours before departure even if they’re vaccinated. Passengers must also have an Israeli health declaration and entry report form to enter. Please click on the declaration form, complete it and submit it to ELAL.

  • All passengers, including vaccinated/recovering passengers, must present a negative result of a Covid-19 test (PCR) conducted during the 72 hours before departure. More details >>
  • All passengers must fill-up the Health Declaration form for those entering Israel, during the 24 hours prior to the departure.
  • All passengers, including vaccinated/recovering passengers, must perform a PCR Covid-19 test after landing and before leaving the terminal.
    Prior to boarding your flight to Tel Aviv  please register for your covid-19 test at Ben-Gurion Airport. Login to the Check2fly website and follow the instructions. You do not have to pay for the service. Please use the following “Discount code” on the payment page: free1.

March 23, 2021

Anyone flying domestically (in the US) must have a negative covid test taken 72 hours before stepping onto a plane. If you test postive you may re-test up to 12 hours before your flight leaves if necessary. You must arrange for your own covid testing to fly domestically to our port of departure (LAX) if flying with Revealing Journey Ministries.

Masks are required while in flight on any plane domestic and international.

The current information on health requirements while in Israel are as follows:

  • Masks are required in the hotel restaurant upon entering and leaving. Once seated you may remove your mask.
  • Outdoor sites do not require masks
  • Some museums require masks especially if indoors.
  • RJM suggests you to carry masks while in Israel and to use common sense.

Should a passenger test positive for covid prior to departing Israel for the USA they will have to remain in Israel for 14 days or until they are well enough to travel should they become ill. Travel Insurance coverage will take care of expenses incurred and treat this as it would any other illness during a tour. Our travel agent suggests that passengers ask as many questions as possible when purchasing insurance so they are sure they are covered for what they think could happen.  Please make sure you are covered. Revealing Journey Ministries and our travel agent are not responsible for inadequate travel insurance.

February 17, 2021

Entering the USA: You must have a negative covid test taken within 48 hours of departure to the USA. Israel is on top of this issue and are prepared to administer the rapid tests to all tourists either at their hotel, a local testing site or the airport. If someone should test positive, they will not be able to board the flight, but the good news is travel insurance will pay for the added expenses for them to remain in Israel as long as they have a Doctor's verification.

The insurance will look at covid and treat is as any other illness should someone get sick or positive while away. Airlines will honor tickets at a later date if necessary.

When shopping for travel insurance be sure to ask as many questions as you can to assure you will receive coverage if you are to be delayed in Israel. 

NOTE: As you may well know, to travel within the US there are covid negative tests required by the airlines before you may board a flight.

Travel Insurance

FROM OUR TRAVEL AGENT: Joining any group tour involves a substantial financial commitment. In order to protect your travel investment, the purchase of travel insurance is recommended for every tour member. You may purchase travel insurance from any company you wish. We are NOT affiliated with any insurance company; however, we offer the opportunity to be covered by travel insurance and through the years we have found Travelex to be the most reliable. You may contact them at On this website you can view the different policies available and choose the one that best suits your needs. Information on Covid-19 coverage is available on this site. If a location number is required to connect your purchase to your tour please use: 09-1232

It is our understanding that no basic insurance will cover fear of travel, travel restrictions, warning or ban by any country or if your business issues travel restrictions.

We hope that if you have to cancel your tour reservation you will be cancelling for a covered reason as stated in your policy and can be reimbursed for any cancellation fees.

You should make sure you are fully insured by July 1, 2021

Other Travel Insurance suggestions:
Generali Travel

Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy 2021


Dear Passenger,

We have amended our tour conditions somewhat to accommodate current events surrounding Covid-19.

Payment Schedule:

  • The second payment of $1400.00 per person is due on or before APRIL 27, 2021. That payment and your $500 deposit are fully refundable up to the last week of May 2021. We will be sending all the payments to our travel agent the first week of June 2021. Should anyone need to cancel from June 1 - July 6 there will be no cancellation fee.
  • The third payment of $1400 per person is due on or before JULY 27, 2021. That payment and the following payment must be sent to our travel agent: Ed Hill Tours, 760 US Highway One, White 205, North Palm Beach, FL 33408. Please make a note that it is for the Revealing Journey Tour November 2021.
  • The final payment/balance is due on or before SEPTEMBER 27, 2021. Payments after September 27 will incur a late fee of $150.
  • You may make any additional payments at any time.

Cancellations will be subject to an additional minimum cancellation fee as follows:

  • No Cancellation Fee Up To July 6, 2021 (121 Days before departure)
  • 120 - 90 days before departure: $500.00*
  • 90 - 60 days before departure: $800.00*
  • 60 - 45 days before departure: $1200.00*
  • 45-31 days before departure: $1800.00*
  • Within 30 days prior: NO REFUND

* Please Note: This cancellation fee structure is subject to change. Please contact us if you must cancel and we will get you in touch with our travel agent who is responsible for cancellation fees after tickets have been purchased.